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    Founded in 2002 in the stage of entrepreneurship through technology innovation 

    Dinghan focused on the field of China Railway Communication Signal and concentrated on the accumulation of power electronic technology. It designed China’s first set of High-speed rail standard intelligent signal power system and grew into the No.1 supplier in the field of railway signal market.


    From signal product railway business to the stage of industrial diversification and product diversification strategic layout

    Depending on the advantage of railway business, the company started to propel the market application of railway business extensively in 2008. In 2009, it  finished its initial public offerings and became the first batch of marketing enterprises that went in title China Growth Enterprise Market. In 2010 it has become the supplier that ranked more than 80% of market share in metro industry. Meanwhile, in the future 5 years, it put forward the medium and long-term strategic development goal of from ground to rolling stock and from incremental to stock.



    The stage of ground-to-rolling stock

    Dinghan, depending on its technology input of a yearly 8% operating receipt, keeping the advancement of product technology and the reliability of safety, the availability and the best user experience, realized the commercialization of ground to rolling stock new product. Meanwhile, accompanied by the strategic goal of investment merger, Dinghan has become a company from an annual income of 0.27 billion RMB to 1.1 billion RMB, with an annual sales order of 1.8 billion and realized 50% growth rate in 3 continuous years within 3 years’ time.  Its scope of business covered the comprehensive suppliers with a business service ability of ground power supply, platform screen door, braking energy storage, rolling stock auxiliary power, rolling stock detection, rolling stock special cable, rolling stock air conditioning, intelligent information software services and so on. At the same time, it has also become one of the leading companies with the most diverse solutions in the field of rail transit industry.



    The stage of strengthening international cooperation and business development

    The product technologies will be put in more advanced and intelligence-controlled field to improve the competitive power of the solution plans between multi-products. The company will also realize its international development with new mission and vision and will continue to advance into a most respected world-class company in the rail transportation industry.


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